90,000 years of art history in just a few hours? A challenge worth tackling. Upcoming this week, IVY’s going back to school with Gene Wisniewski and the 6-Hour Art Major to plumb the depths of great artistic minds and put pen to paper with hands-on drawing that reveals elaborate techniques behind the world’s most extraordinary artwork.

And if art history isn’t enough, we’re also unwinding the mysteries of genetic code with Jamie Metzl, author of The Genesis Code, and expert on all things related to the human genome. What, for example, capacity does our rapidly developing technology have for altering our species?

Beyond the classroom, we’re hosting a cocktail party at the Blind Whino in DC, a radically re-envisioned 1900s church transformed into an experimental art mecca—think technicolor murals—and holding a private art viewing at Miami’s Bakehouse Art Complex, the organization that’s responsible for cooking up some of Miami’s craziest art (in every medium imaginable).

For the fitness-minded, we’re closing out the week with BollyX, a heart-pumping workout set to the rhythm-pounding sounds of Bollywood’s best. Founded by a former dancer on “America’s Got Talent,” BollyX embodies the infectious energy, expression, and movement of Bollywood and aims to expand the reach of fitness to more people worldwide.

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