If you could ask one of the most powerful real estate icons in the country one question, what would it be? Here’s your chance. IVY members will enjoy a special IVY CEO Night with Joseph Sitt, Founder & CEO of Thor Equities, which has a global real-estate portfolio in excess of $10 billion. He is also engaged in a wide variety of high impact philanthropic initiatives and civic organizations. Better button up for that one.

We’re also buttoning up for the Guggenheim International Gala Pre-party. IVY members will be spending an incredible evening with the Guggenheim’s Young Collectors Council in one of the city’s most magnificent museums for an evening of open bar, light hors d’oeuvres, and a live performance by Grimes.

And down in South Beach, we’re heading to an old-school cocktail lounge and learning to mix the ultimate cocktail. (Members are most definitely encouraged to arm themselves with muddle sticks and Boston shakers.)

When we’re not crafting the ultimate cocktail, we’re heading to the theater.

In Chicago, we’re seeing the Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s adaptation of The Tempest. Directors Aaron Posner and Teller (of Penn & Teller) plunge audiences into a unique and impossible world where spirits roam, magic is real, reality is elusive, and illusion abounds.

And in San Francisco, we’re heading to the ballet. IVY members will see the world premiere of what The New York Times hails as a “phenomenal powerhouse” collaboration between LINES Ballet and Grammy Award-winning vocalist Lisa Fischer.

It’s quite a week here at IVY!

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