Last night marked the final IVY event of 2017, and we could not be happier (and more surprised) to have made it this far. It was a busy year, to say the least: in 2017 alone, IVY onboarded thousands of new members (and counting); hosted over 1,100 national and international experiences; published more than 200 videos, 175 magazine articles, and 96 podcasts; and blasted off one video to Mars.

Now, with the holiday season in full force, we’re taking a moment to reflect. Since we couldn’t have done any of this without our inspiring community of members, we’ve compiled below testimonials from members in each of our seven chapters to paint a picture of the year in its entirety. Each and every IVY member has played an important role in creating such a spectacular year, and we thank you all for the hard work and dedication. Here’s to 2018!

Beba G., Chicago Member

From the day I learned about IVY, I was captivated by their advanced online platform which allows the members to connect and share ideas, events, communications, and more — and at the same time, presents social networking in a whole different level. You don’t have to worry about going to an event alone, because the moment you step into the room, there is welcoming crew which makes sure they introduce you to someone new every time and you can always count on meeting quality people at quality places.

I joined IVY a little over a month and have attended only four events thus far, but I cannot stop talking about it to friends; leveraging the variety of services and opportunity it offers for my company, Moi Soli; and networking outside of my city. I would absolutely suggest to any new entrepreneurs, anyone looking to grow their circle of friends, those looking to network, or you are just new in town — join IVY and enjoy the benefits and friends it comes with. I even happen to meet one of the co-founders, Beri Meric, who was speaking at my very first event I attended and to see what a down to earth guy he is and listen to what it inspired him to start IVY, I just knew I had found a good group in Chicago. Enjoy the benefits and go sign up now!

Ransley C., NYC Member

My experience with IVY has been a pleasantly welcomed surprise. Since being recruited by Caroline back in January, I was warmly greeted by the community — a community that I found to be very inclusive. Anyone who has joined a membership-based, social network in NYC knows this is quite unique. I have credited Caroline, Sophie, and other staffers with ensuring that I was quickly introduced to other members that they believed to would be good connections for me… and they were spot on — these members now make up a large portion of my day-to-day friend base.

Importantly, the member base includes diverse backgrounds and professions. This fact is important to me, as I did not want to spend my personal time with fellow industry people. Over the past eleven months, IVY has been the curator of authentic and sticky friendships that I place a high value on, unique experiences that are filled with other like-minded members, and continue to exemplify an ongoing vision to enhance our experience as a member of the group. In a city chalked full of exclusive stances, and experiences that can often fall short of being worth the investment of one’s time, IVY has developed an international platform that punches well above its weight.

Lina S., Boston Member

A couple of years ago I was referred to IVY Boston by a friend, who spoke so enthusiastically about the group that I couldn’t resist to join. Since then I have had no regrets. Not only does IVY open-up the possibility to try different things, things you might have never thought to try, or didn’t have access to – from cultural events, such as exclusive arts performances, where you get to meet the author, artist or go back stage following your favorite ballet performance; to exclusive sports events (yes I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the court with the Celtics players as they practiced pre-game); to informative talks by world-class leaders in their field; to volunteering opportunities; to sweating away in a boxing ring; to just hanging out in a bar with a great group of diverse members; but trying new things also allows you to continue with something that you particularly enjoyed doing to enrich your life in a different way.

This way, I feel like IVY just keeps on giving. Every event feels extremely thought-out by the IVY team, who are always high-energy and motivational to include everyone in attendance. Of course, the best part is that all the activities bring together a diverse group of people, many of whom are now my great friends, even outside of the IVY contingency. I am looking forward to many more events in the future, keep expanding the mind!

Brock S., LA Member

L.A. is well known as a town where people have a “wall up” or are perceived as “fake” — and because of that, it is very difficult to meet quality people here. However, within the IVY group, I’ve found that the walls are down, and people are happy to meet new faces and build friendships. In addition, the majority of the members are curious and want to learn more and frequently attend a wide range of events, so you never know who you’ll meet at the next one.

Jennifer C., SF Member

Overall, IVY has opened doors in terms of personal growth. It has allowed me to learn about new topics, myself, and forge tight bonds with fantastic people. Each event is a different experience that has allowed me to expand my social and intellectual prowess. Meeting Bill Nye and learning about his personal life was absolutely fascinating!

Gabriella P., Miami Member

I have been in the Miami chapter for a couple of months and it has been a great experience. I had lived in Miami for a couple of years before I joined and had never explored as much from the city as I have now that I’m part of IVYEvery event has given me the opportunity to meet an incredibly diverse group of individuals whom I have built a circle with, a circle of friends that I can trust, that support each other’s visions, have real conversations with and that pushes me to better myself.

IVY allows you to attend events on any of their cities and as a traveling analyst, that adds great value to my membership. The IVY community surrounds and connects you with people of great mindsets and success that expand your thinking and give you the confidence to pursue anything.

John R., Washington, D.C. Member

I’ve been in IVY for two years now. Since joining I’ve made tons of new friends, listened to some amazing speakers, and experienced aspects of D.C. that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. The IVY member base has been a great asset in offering help on how to expand my business and provide the best possible service to my photography clients. I’ve met other talented and friendly photographers through IVY and we have both benefitted through collaborating and helping each other. Without IVY, I would not have the expansive social and professional networks that I enjoy today.