Hailing from Argentina, Sofia Hurtado landed in Los Angeles to pursue her creative endeavors. A year and a half ago, she joined forces with three artists to create Third Culture Theatre, bringing to life plays that tell the stories of marginalized and underrepresented people. Within this short time span, the company has already put on three productions: Lear’s Daughters, Cloud Tectonics, and The Tragic Ecstasy of Girlhood.

Sofia Hurtado playing Celestina del Sol in Cloud Tectonics

After completing her B.A. in Theatre from Louisiana State University and graduating from the Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio, Hurtado soon realized that the plays produced in Los Angeles did not reflect the full vibrancy of the burgeoning metropolis. In a city that prides itself as a melting pot of the world, Third Culture Theatre aims to create an outlet for people to tell their stories in ways that have never been heard before and make them accessible to the community.

“People are thirsty to hear stories that have a pulse on the country and reflect the diversity of its people,” Hurtado passionately remarks.

Beyond taking risks in telling unknown stories, Third Culture Theatre also strives to provide a pay-what-you-can night for every production. Moreover, they commit to paying all their actors and crew members a fair wage — an important distinction in a city that urges artists to work for free.

Their thoughtfully curated work has gained outstanding reception and attracted partnerships with Basco House and Palms Up Academy, alike in their missions to serve the community and preserve heritage through art. Recently, they also acquired a partnership with HBO, crediting their inclusive body of work as the network’s decision to sponsor them. Hurtado is eager to grow the company’s productions and audiences internationally and to garner the involvement of more like-minded artists both on and off-stage.

The cast of The Tragic Ecstasy of Girlhood

Starting as one of IVY’s events hosts in Los Angeles two and a half years ago, Hurtado was later approached to take on the role as IVY’s LA Events Coordinator. Throughout her time at IVY, the events have pushed her outside of her comfort zone and allowed her to get to know the city in a unique way. One memorable evening included a thought leader discussion on how to be a world-class negotiator, with former FBI hostage negotiator, Christopher Voss — a topic she wouldn’t have otherwise thought to seek out on her own.

Sofia Hurtado strikes a pose at our IVY Valentine’s Soirée

As she continues her time with IVY, Hurtado aspires to create more opportunities for members to experience and support the arts in ways many have not engaged with in the past, while simultaneously building a flourishing theatre company. You can connect with Sofia through the IVY Community here.

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