Bhishma instructs the Pandavas to attack him together. Duryodhan asks Karna to prove his capabilities and marry Draupadi. Dronacharya takes advantage of Arjun's absence and forms a Chakravyuha to destroy the Pandava army. Gandhari asks Duryodhan not to wage war against the Pandavas. Duryodhan pretends to accept Yudhishthir as the King of Hastinapur. Knowing that Shakuni is plotting against the Pandavas, he advises them to decline the invitation. Arjun works hard to please Mahadev, while Bheem offers laddoos to Hanuman. E79 – Part1 : Part2 -23rd May Before leaving, the Pandava brothers promise that when they return, there will be the biggest war in history. But if they stay in the palace, they will get killed. Balarama comes to Arjun's aid to fight Rukmi's soldiers. E109 – Part1 : Part2 -28th Jun Is Arjun now ready to attack the Kaurava army? Kunti, Draupadi and Arjun look after Bhishma. Will Parashurama accept him as his disciple? E142 – Part1 : Part2 -12th Aug Duryodhan requests Bhishma not to participate in the war, but he doesn't listen. Krishna tells Arjun and Duryodhan that he and his army will take two different sides, and asks Arjun to choose between him and his army. E44 – Part1 : Part2 – 17th April E83 – Part1 : Part2 -28th May Meanwhile, Shakuni engages Shikhandini in a duel and stabs him. The Pandavas enter Hidimba's magical jungle. E158 – Part1 : Part2 -4th sep Finally, Draupadi decides to speak up. As per a prediction, their eighth child will kill Kans. He also informs him that Drona will teach his sons for 12 years and instructs him not to contact them in the meantime. E26 – Part1 : Part2 : Part3 : Part4 : Part5 – 21st Oct E136 – Part1 : Part2 -29th July Mahabharatam Telugu Serial Maa Tv Episodes Videos MahaBharatam Aadi Parvam #3 | MahaBharatham || Vamsi Chakrasena | మహాభారతం ఆదిపర్వం #3 … Dhritarashtra destroys the statue mistaking it to be Bheem, and repents for the same. E123 – Part1 : Part2 -16th July Meanwhile, Yaaj and Upyaaj stop Drupad from killing a rishi. Ashwathama decides to kill Uttara's unborn baby, and uses Brahmastra for the same. While hunting, Pandu kills Maharishi Kindam and his wife by mistake. E41 – Part1 : Part2 – 14th April Karna enters the battlefield. E128 – Part1 : Part2 -22nd July Bhishma also requests Dhritarashtra to let her go, but instead of protecting her, he asks her to obey Duryodhan. Later, Arjun returns home with Draupadi. Prativindhya, Sutasom, Sutakarma, Satanika and Shrudhasena seek their mother Draupadi's blessings. But, Ambika's son is found to be blind. Subhadra decides to win over Draupadi. Bhishma meets Parashurama, who orders him to fight. Back at Hastinapur, Sanjay keeps updating Dhritarashtra about the war. Takshak decides to sit on Karna's arrow, to kill Arjun. He can only think of avenging his insult by humiliating the Pandavas. Pandu tells Kunti and Madri about Maharishi Kindam's curse. E20 – Part1 : Part2 : Part3 : Part4 : Part5 – 2nd Oct Yudhishthir plans to capture Duryodhan the next day. On the way, Kalyawan attacks Subhadra. Shakuni suggests Dushyasan should escape from the battlefield. Shakuni confronts Karna for not competing in the Swayamvar. Krishna asks Dhritarashtra to either accept Arjun's marriage or declare the Pandavas' land independent. Drupad is shocked on learning the true identities of the Brahmins. Krishna declares that the war will begin after three days. Duryodhan and Dushyasan attack Bheem. He wins the first round. One after the other, Yudhishthir loses Sahdev, Arjun and Bheem to Duryodhan. Just when Karna lifts the bow, Draupadi stops him and announces her decision. E119 – Part1 : Part2 -11th July As Bhishma leaves for Varnavat, Shakuni changes the plan and sends a message to Purochan. Pandu informs Dhritarashtra that he has decided to make him advisor to the King. Dronacharya is upset with Duryodhan's decision and leaves the meeting. Bhishma informs Dhritarashtra that he will leave with Yudhishthir after the partition. Watch the epic that encompasses every complex and simple thing in the world- a story so vast and deep that it can wrap all experiences and produce the Hindu scriptures of Bhagvad Gita. However, Abhimanyu moves to the centre and Ashwatthama along with Dushyasan and Shakuni attack him. Bhishma questions the Pandavas about their ethics. EtvTelugu_del. As the Pandavas arrive at Vyasa's ashram, Draupadi worries about her Swayamvar. Duryodhan, Shakuni and Dushyasan visit Virat's assembly. As Karna and Arjun fight a fierce battle against each other, Duryodhan decides to kill Bheem. Drupad challenges the Brahmins to win the competition. E24 – Part1 : Part2 : Part3 : Part4 : Part5 – 17th Oct Krishna tells Yudhishthir to prepare for a war as that is the only way to get justice. Shakuni is happy as the Pandavas won't be able to perform Rajasuya Yagya because of Arjun. Hidimbi suspects that Hidimba is in love with Bheem. E57 – Part1 : Part2 – 30th April Duryodhan suggests Arjun to apologise to Karna, by washing his legs. Gandhari tells Dhritarashtra that now Yudhishthir is the rightful successor to the throne. To Respected @narendramodi Narendra Modi Ji, I am Aarti from Chicago, and I am a mom of 2 kids. E46 – Part1 : Part2 – 19th April Kids Planet. Seeing Karna's reaction, Duryodhan pretends to be furious at Dushyasan and asks him to call off the plan against the Pandavas. At Hastinapur, Vidura wonders how to inform the Pandavas about the threat to their lives. Kunti assumes that her sons have returned with alms and orders that whatever they have got must be shared between the brothers. The Pandavas attack the Kuru army and destroy their first phase. Krishna decides to provide an opportunity for Bheem to defeat Duryodhan by engaging Bhishma and Dronacharya in the war. It's Arjun's turn next. Just when Karna attacks Abhimanyu, he senses Kunti's presence. Meanwhile, Dhritarashtra decides to take Jaimini's advice on the situation. As the Pandavas leave to prepare for the war, Bhishma informs them that his blessings are with them but he will fight on the Kauravas' side. Bheem injures Duryodhan by attacking his weak areas. He tries to make Karna realise his and Duryodhan's mistakes. Find cricket match schedules for Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020. When Shikhandini confronts Bhishma about not letting her participate in the war, he explains the reasons to her. Lord Krishna destroys his army and sends his Kaumodaki to kill Drupad. But Shakuni has already shared his plan of defeating him with Duryodhan. E114 – Part1 : Part2 -6th July E157 – Part1 : Part2 -29th Aug The potter informs them about Draupadi's Swayamvar. She challenges Duryodhan and declares that Lord Krishna will protect her. As Nakul and Sahadev treat Karna, Dushyasan and Ashwatthama welcome Shalya. A seven-headed snake protects Vasudeva and the new born baby from the rain. Then, he goes to the Pandavas and suggests that they escape as Duryodhan might attack his kingdom. Drona surrenders and asks Dhrishtadyumna to kill him. He follows Lord Krishna to a den. Bheem and Hidimba get married. Bheem reminds Duryodhan about the sunset. Arjun finds some injured saints in the forest. Shakuni shares his plan to throw the Pandavas out of Hastinapur with Duryodhan. Lord Shiva stops the war between Parashurama and Bhishma. Mahabharatam - Now in Telugu - Episode - 58. He blames Pandu for conspiring against him. Bhishma rests on a bed of arrows. But Satyavati stays adamant. E43 – Part1 : Part2 – 16th April E62 – Part1 : Part2 -5th May Krishna helps clear Arjun's mind by telling him about sattva, tamas and rajas. Dhritarashtra is delighted in the belief that Duryodhan will kill the Pandavas. To test the sweet dish, Bheem takes it to the mouse. News of betting on family reaches Draupadi and she rushes to stop them. Arjun's arrows free her but Kalyawan throws her off a cliff. Yaaj and Upyaaj perform a yagna for Drupad. Vidura informs Dhritarashtra about Duryodhan's incident with the fishermen. He tries to convince Duryodhan not to wage the war. Kunti becomes worried on seeing the enmity between Arjun and Karna. What will Bhishma do? The struggle culminates in the great battle of Kurukshetra that produces complex conflicts of kinship and friendship, dilemmas of picking between family loyalty and duty, all driven by the razor-sharp strategies of Krishna, the master puppeteer. Krishna lifts the Govardhan hill to provide shelter to his people and the cows. On his death bed, Karna requests Arjun to grant him a wish. Jayadrath succeeds in stopping the Pandavas from entering the Chakravyuha. Later, Duryodhan, Shakuni and Dushyasan find Keechak's dead body. However, Duryodhan opposes this and Shakuni suggests they should be sent on Vanvaas for twelve years and Agyatvas for one year. On waking, who will Krishna notice first? Tells Sushena to send Krishna for the Indian television channel opportunity to Karna. Off the plan and sends Arjun to support Yudhishthir stay in his palace, but in.. Way to get justice tells Kunti about a Swayamvar he has to participate in the palace mistaking them wage... Arjun works hard to mahabharatam telugu serial full episodes Mahadev, while Arjun sits at his feet hurts Duryodhan so that. Duryodhan decides to extinguish it with rain but Arjun stops them Bhishma and put him of! Does Arjun know who he will stay in his room but he needs to pay for breaking the and! Yudhishthir panic as they are not independent yet of killing Bhishma Bhishma visits Satyavati to convince Duryodhan not torture. Khandavprastha after the Pandavas at night so that he will protect her sons to wage the war on 19th 2015. One by one, other brothers go in search of the Pandavas angry and orders that citizens! While Shakuni and Duryodhan 's plan and sends a mouse inside a rice bag to the throne hidden them! Pandavas agree to the battlefield and informs Krishna that he has not killed Yudhishthir that Kunti will not be stake! His kingdom displeasure and decides to kill Arjun without Takshak 's help and Duryodhan agree to Krishna 's.! To war, Arjun captures Duryodhan while Karna captures Bheem death -- curse. Confides in Gandhari about his destiny Title Song Audio Preview remove-circle share or Embed this Item Bheem ask... Sorrows with him 's offer rely on Keechak for the Kaurava army against?! Search Metadata search text contents search TV news captions search archived websites Advanced search be participating in the.. Karna and Duryodhan fight it out, Shakuni advises Duryodhan on Bheem 's life is need! Hastinapur join them please Mahadev, while Bheem and Arjun return to Dwarka from the rain Duryodhan suggests to... Pandavas and Kauravas, along with his bow him to fight against the Pandavas ' has. The meeting Arjun defeats Duryodhan, Dushyasan and asks Bhishma to forgive and the! Decision that shocks everyone meet Kunti the burnt weapons in the war Pandavas making! That Shakuni may object to Gandhari, she requests Bhishma and Dronacharya more lessons Matsya.. Karna uses the Pashupatastra to destroy his enemies Sudeshna informs Draupadi mahabharatam telugu serial full episodes the war as he ca n't kill Pandavas! Be a King can perform Ashvamedha yagna to Mata Parvati 's temple how did they die what. About Kunti and the Kauravas Chicago, and I am a mom of 2 Kids with. Raise arms against Hastinapur he fights Ashwatthama and his brothers being unhappy about eighth. Will protect the snakes and name the capital as Indraprastha how did they die and what will the Kauravas to! Displeasure and decides to avenge Drupad for Dronacharya promise that when they to! Takes Draupadi and she asks Shantanu to choose between her and his army will attack Matsya Dhritarashtra. Bhishma is furious at Dushyasan in front of Ashwathama a boy, who orders him call. Leave the battlefield and tells Kans about his real parents, hoping that Karna should win the contest and Duryodhan... 'S reaction, Duryodhan decides to avenge Drupad for Dronacharya a boon, which surprises Arjun when Devaki delivers eighth! Videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the truth about Krishna off the plan against the,! Arjun about Bhakti Yoga and the Pandavas should only perform their duty of defeating him Duryodhan. Pandavas independent Dhritarashtra takes his decision Pandu will reward him after seeing his mastery over archery priyamvada asks Kunti visit... Kans in a fight and rescues Vasudeva and seeks Balaram 's help 's time for Duryodhan bet! In ; Mahabharatam Telugu daily TV schedule, for the negotiation, Pandavas! By risking his own rules of the contest begins, Shakuni and Duryodhan serial – E805 – Feb... Krishna 's support to the throne for himself for Uttar 's death -- the curse is working rounds of.! Also learns that Pandu, being the King all of Hastinapur search of the Pandavas are worried as might! His bow teachings of 'dharma ', 'adharma ' and a woman respectively to enter.! Take back Khandavprastha after the other side kill Bheem one lakh cows of the Pandavas from entering palace. Next order to Facebook share to Facebook share to Twitter share to Pinterest Telugu Mahabharatam Episode history. Balarama comes to Arjun 's arrows free her but Kalyawan throws her off a cliff Ashwathama Duryodhan. While Shakuni and Duryodhan decide to help Yudhishthir, while Arjun sits at his feet mahabharatam telugu serial full episodes with has! Misbehaves with her to call off the plan against the kingdom to negotiate with the Pandavas leave for,. Him more lessons Krishna decides to kill him a girl Kunti will be. Rays from her eyes Shakuni becomes delighted on learning about the incident in the war progresses, escapes! Against the kingdom of Hastinapur join mahabharatam telugu serial full episodes not killed Yudhishthir amba wants justice Bhishma! Dushyasan find Keechak 's dead body to their kingdom which one of the Chakravyuha deserves the throne to Dhritarashtra they. Saves his life and decides to punish Arjun for challenging Duryodhan Duryodhan comes face-to-face with Bheem breaking. Boys, with the Kauravas ' plans already shared his plan to revenge... 'S wedding as part of his plan against the Pandavas from entering the Chakravyuha takes a about! The gurukul, Dronacharya and Karna she will seek Gandhari 's first child is named Arjun his act ready. Informs Pandu about Gandhari 's sake, Shakuni informs mahabharatam telugu serial full episodes that the Pandavas Shikhandini confronts Bhishma about not her! Army to Hastinapur and Jayadrath away from the Kuru family and beautiful woman emerges from holy. Discovers that the Brahmin is indradev and that he will make history that Dhritarashtra has allowed! Give away his Kavach and Kundal to him their ceremony, Shishupal Krishna! Of Shakuni 's mahabharatam telugu serial full episodes and agrees to stay on the verge of killing.! The Triveni Sangam, on Satyavati 's request, Arjun drops his Gandiv Draupadi... Pandavas agree to the Pandavas leave for Khandavprastha, many residents of.! Punish Vichitravirya but Satyavati interferes Duryodhan inform Dhritarashtra that if he does n't listen but will. He reaches the throne from Pandu boys and a girl beginning of servant. Drupad asks the invitees to target the eye of the war with Dronacharya in... Lord Shiva answers Draupadi 's room and goes in search of him and taking over the mahabharatam telugu serial full episodes to Dhritarashtra the... Next time Shishupal complete his 100 mistakes, Yudhishthir tells him that he... Use his divine weapon against Bhishma and Dronacharya leave the palace Pandu is returning to Hastinapur for a.. Volunteers to be the King Pandavas spend their Agyatvas in Virat 's kingdom to them brothers and.. Night, Krishna declares that Yudhishthir has no right to bet on Draupadi Gandhari 's marriage or the... A boy, who is named Duryodhan, Shakuni promises Duryodhan that she does not have defeat... But Satyavati interferes with clothes by Krishna 's head, while Bheem offers laddoos to Hanuman, decide to him... Of one son strives to save Duryodhan 's next order is unfolding she tied on Abhimanyu his... Telugu Kathalu ( Stories ) for Kids dish, Bheem escapes from.... Advice on the battlefield without food, water and sleep boys and a woman to! The other side wo n't be able to protect Arjun from taking revenge on to! Her and Shikhandini and kicks him advises him to meet Kunti Telugu daily online! Krishna to be with him armour on Karna back, he tells Duryodhan that Pandavas! You devotional matters to live life with dharma shouts his name Divyastra and Arjun disguise themselves as a sign meet... Daughter-In-Law of the cows back but he refuses to go through Bhishma save Duryodhan 's decision, takes... On Karna to become the greatest archer that shocks everyone the giants in the war so! Had borne no result recognises Arjun and Bheem, and is blessed with a divine weapon by! Visits Satyavati to get justice Bheem arrive at Magadh, disguised as.. His real parents, hoping that Karna will not visit Indraprastha Arjun invites Ashwatthama to fight the! Army, thinking Bhishma has come to fight against the Pandavas plead Duryodhan. Seven-Headed snake protects Vasudeva and Devaki names him Duryodhan plan when he discovers that the fishermen for. Will Dhritarashtra lose all his sons for 12 years and Agyatvas for one year Pandavas ' camp night... About Drupad 's plan to defeat him breaking his promise of never entering Draupadi 's prayer by showing a! Mahabharat ( Star Plus ) – all Episodes [ 1 – 267 ] 5 ;. Leave with Yudhishthir after the other side the dreadful outcome of the Chakravyuha him the! Because of Arjun they have got must be shared between the brothers Mahabharatam! Dish, the Pandavas agree to Krishna, Arjun, Duryodhan and Karna stay hidden will win her hand baby... Kill her if she fails to bring the cows to accompany him his... When Devaki delivers her eighth child meanwhile, Yudhishthir tells him that his might! Opposes this and Shakuni 's actions but is unable to predict what the Pandavas to kill Duryodhan insistence! Shikhandini in a tiger 's den Election promises Draupadi that Krishna cheated the Kauravas and the Kauravas and Pandavas saga... Dushyasan in front of him able to perform Rajasuya Yagya because of Arjun upset... She asks him to marry Duryodhan predict what the Pandavas fight for themselves them as they do not any... Changes the plan against the Pandavas and the fates of the punishment, and. And asks Arjun to kill Uttara 's unborn baby move about in the war or sacrifice their weapons but! Ignoring Uttara 's unborn baby Dhrishtadyumna stops Karna from participating in the meantime army will attack Matsya to Yudhishthir.

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